The Versatility of Acacia Wood

Acacia is a versatile wood that has been in use since Biblical times. The tree is found mainly in Africa and some species are located in Australia. Its primary use has been in the manufacture of furniture. This furniture may be made for indoor or outdoor use. Acacia exhibits rot and weather resistance, making it an ideal wood for both purposes Because of its timeless strength, acacia is also used in the manufacturer of dowel pins used in quality furniture construction techniques as fasteners. It’s a prevalent wood used in making beams for home support.

Acacia can be made into a variety of useful items or those that only serve a decorative purpose. Acacia Wood Carvings in African art can include objects such as bowls, utensils and other containers. The wood can be made into animal figures and picture frames. Keepsake boxes and even wooden necklaces make excellent gifts. Popular furniture includes bookcases, desks, stands, and entertainment centers.

Bird enthusiasts prefer acacia to make items for their precious pets. Parrots can be rough on wood due to their strong beaks, so this strong wood is suitable to make perches and ramps for their cages. Birds are often sensitive to chemicals, so the all-natural acacia products ensure a non-toxic product.

The wood is also used to extract essential oil and it is used in fragrances. It has also been used for many years as a medicinal plant. The Western world is discovering the benefits of ingesting acacia and using the oil to help wounds to heal. Its primary use is as a detoxifying agent. Supplement stores sell it in a powder or gel capsule.

This wood is well suited for the construction of hardwood floors. It not only enhances a room, and gives an exotic feel. It also lasts for generations and requires minimal maintenance comparative to other hardwoods. Some homeowners have planted certain varieties of this tree—such as the silver wattle species—because they are beautiful, especially when they bloom. They produce silver leaves and beautiful, bright colored flowers. More than 1,000 species of acacia are known, but only a handful are suitable for decorative purposes.