Become the Next Famous Author!!

Do you have a writing streak in you that runs too deep to avoid doing something with it? Have you ever thought about writing your own book? Do you have any idea how to market and distribute your book once it is written? A Book Publicist is definitely required in order to disseminate the work that you have written. Most publishing firms do not do a very good job of “tooting your horn” in regards to the book you write; in this day and age with so many works being published, it really falls to the individual to figure out how to market their own work.

How to sell my book?” is a question that many new authors are going to ask themselves, at least if they are interested in generating a large or larger number of readers of their work. Most people do not have the time or the money to become their own publicist. They look to outside sources for this help. That is why it is so important to make the best possible choice among all Book Publicists. There are many independent firms out there, but as in any field–some are much better than others.

A great initial step that a top notch Book Publicist will do is to create a personalized press kit for you, the author. This will serve to familiarize your future readership with your bio, a picture of what you look like, other articles or books you may have written, and media releases that have been distributed. If more potential readers know who you are as a person and what your background is, they are more likely to want to read your book if you are a similar person to their interests.

Next, the better of the choices among Book Publicists will have a reviewer database–these are people who can read your work and then provide commentary on the strengths or weaknesses of what you have penned. Almost all potential media sources will want to know what other authors and writers think about your book, it is just how the process goes. Finally, an exemplary Book Publicist will then begin to reach out to the media, both local and national as well as international sources. Your book can then be possibly spoken about worldwide!

If you want to be a published author, then don’t let the question “How to sell my book” be one that torpedoes your dream!

How to Decide Whether Standing Up Desk is also for You

Here yo can find some advices how to make sure that standing up desk is suitable for you before buying it. Other great ways are if you are good with your hands and can put together several pieces of wood and you are set. Though this may not be very attractive, remember that it’s only temporary. You may think that if you’ve made it comfortable as it is, it should be permanent. However, it’s important that you have a stable and easily height adjustable desk so you can perfect it to your needs and comforts. In addition, you will need something especially stable if you are with a desktop computer as you don’t want the monitor to topple over while you are working or if someone bumps into your homemade desk.

It’s great that you are considering a desk which allows you to lead a healthier and more active life, now think about the numerous great options available and try it out. There are many ways which you can try to work on a higher desk but remember that the comfort of a real desk that’s made with the goal of height adjustment will surpass the temporary option. The idea is to determine whether you are ready to stand and work. In the beginning you may not be too comfortable with it but over time you will realize that there is no other way to work than standing up. Once you’ve given it a try with your homemade desk choose a professional standing up desk made especially to meet your needs.

Ecco Shoes Designs Comfort And Style In All Of Their Shoes

A Danish shoemaker by the name of Karl Toosbury had a dream back in 1963. That dream was to start a company that could design and make comfortable footwear what would properly fit the foot. He worked hard and established his company that is now a tremendous success all over the world. His line of shoes is know as Ecco Shoes and they can be found online at Even with all of their success, Ecco Shoes has maintained their focus on the manufacturing of shoes that works perfectly with the function of the foot.

Huge manufactures like Ecco Shoes know that they have to make some trade-off. They know that even though a shoe needs to be functional they also have to be comfortable to wear. They also have to have a stylish look in order for people to want to buy and wear them. Ecco Shoes made the decision that comfort over conformity would be the direction they would take their shoes. Their shoes are very comfortable but they also are made to be very functional.

Ecco Shoes is aware of women’s reputation for loving shoes. Women understand that their shoes can totally pull their outfits together. They can help the wearer feel professional and confident. A different type of shoe will help her do her best when working out. The variety that Ecco Shoes has in their women’s line strives to meet and exceed the preferences and needs they deserve.

Men shopping for dress shoes should take a close look at the slip-on Shoes that Ecco Shoes has designed. These shoes have a reputation for comfort. Ecco Shoes realizes that the function of a dress shoe is making the wearer look like he is at his best. These slip-ons don’t look casual, so men won’t have a problem wearing them right into important business meetings.

Many men’s dress shoes being sold today are uncomfortable because they lack cushioning. This is why Ecco Shoes designed comfort right into these dress shoes. They know that a business man that has shoes that not only look good but are also comfortable to wear will be a man that can concentrate on his work instead of worrying about how much his feet hurt from wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Ecco Shoes strives to ensure that their customers will love both the comfort and style of their shoes.