Love of Movies Leads to Love

There are so many people love movies. There are people who love movies to the point of becoming fanatics. This is especially the case when we are talking about science-fiction movies. Often times when science-fiction movies come out, people will line up around the block the night before the movie. They will come dressed in clothing that imitates what the characters on the movie that they are coming to see would wear. They are so excited about the movie, that it literally becomes their lives. These individuals feel as if they can relate to the characters that they see on the television, or in the movie theater.
Often times people in these scenarios will form fan clubs that are dedicated to talking about the movie, or that are dedicated to making fan based films off of the ideas that the movie was made from. These individuals form very close friendships with other individuals who have the same love for the movie that they do. The friendships that are made over these movies can sometimes last an entire lifetime. At times, there are even romantic situations that developed because of people sharing their love for these movies.
A good example of this is the love that people have for Star Wars movies. Many times, people will spend hours of the day talking to each other about these movies. At times, people find a love connection with another individual simply because of their love for these movies. When this happens, they may even choose to have a Star Wars themed wedding. Additionally, they may wish to include Classic Star Wars movie cufflinks.

Points to Consider at the Time of Buying the Leather IPad 1 Cases Online Again

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The Hurting Truths about Book Publishing

Truth really hurts especially when it’s the opposite of what you expect as a writer. When self publishing was introduced, the future of every potential writer looked bright. Now that book publishing is no longer a hurdle, one would expect writers to swim in millions due to the fact that modern books take a few minutes to get published. Here are some truths that every writer should know.

There Are More Books in the Shelves than Ever Before

There were very few books that were published when books were produced by traditional publishers. This is because there were few publishers and the process was cumbersome. Moreover, getting published was not for the faint hearted because getting a publishing contract was not easy. Things have now turned around because self publishing sites have availed online publishing templates where writers just copy paste their text and get published instantly.

Marketing has also become easier because there are many marketing platforms on the internet. Moreover, there are many book publicists that are helping writers to promote their books at considerable rates. You simply publish your book and hand it to a book publicist and sit back as they present it to thousands of potential buyers.

Book Sales Are On a Downward Trend

A report published by the US Census Bureau in 2012 reveals that the number of books that are being sold in bookstores including online and offline stores has gone down. This downward trend is probably due to the fact that a good number of readers have been transformed into writers which was brought about by the emergence of self publishing concept.

Previously, there were fewer writers and many readers which meant that writers had a wide audience to target. Now that almost everyone can write and publish a book, the market has been trimmed. That is why competition among writers is very stiff. Success now belongs to writers who are willing to hire book publicists to carry out their promotional campaigns.

There Are Few Bookstores

It seems that most entrepreneurs are not ready to venture into the business of selling books. The number of brick and mortar bookshops is therefore very little compared to the number of books that are published everyday. This means that the bookshops that are already in operation are overwhelmed by the number of books that they are supposed to stock.

The situation would have been different if there were many bookshops. Gone are the days when there were only a certain number of books that were published in certain genres. Nowadays all the genres have been flooded and this has been enhanced by the ability to self publish.

Writers Have Been Turned Into Marketers

Previously, the role of marketing books was left for the publisher. Nowadays the roles have been reversed. Most writers are doubling as marketers of their own books. The ability of a book to sell is now dependent on the efforts that are applied by the writer. This means that publishers pull back the moment they get your book published. In such a case, you are the one to design marketing materials. Do you have a book that needs to be promoted? Click here for assistance.