dryer not heating help

Dryers sometimes have heating problems; however, they can be corrected by taking time to check out various areas on the dryer. With some research, time and effort, dryer not heating problems can be found.Inadequate Voltage May be the ProblemOne reason why a dryer is not heating up is because there is inadequate voltage. Make sure that the dryer is plugged in and that the wiring to the dryer outlet is not loose or in poor shape. The voltage of the dryer can be tested with a voltmeter to make sure that the dryer is getting the necessary voltage. Another way to find out why your dryer is not heating up is if one of your dryer thermostats has stopped working. If one or more of the dryer thermostats is not working, the dryer can overheat or in some cases, have no heat at all. These thermostats are under the dryer lint t rap or on the blower housing. This may have to be resolved with an electrician’s help, unless you have the skills to repair it. Look for a Damaged Heating Element WebsiteStill another reason why your dryer has no heat can come from a damaged heating element. Heating elements cannot be repaired; they have to be replaced. They are located behind the dryer or sometimes in front of the dryer. Also, another tip that will help you solve the problem with your dryer is by checking your fuse box. If two fuses are blown out, this could be causing the no-heat problem. Clogged Hose or Blower HousingAnother reason why your dryer does not have heat is if there is a clogged hose and blower housing. This can be checked by pulling the dryer hose off—which is located behind the dryer. Always unplug the drier first and then check the hosing to see if there is any kind of build up or loose objects. This area may need to be cleaned. Lint deposits can be a real problem with a dryer and sometimes be the reason why your dryer does not have any heat. Many suggest cleaning the lint filter every time after it has been used. Some also suggest examining the vent pipe and vent cover. Click Here Lint may be accumulating in crevices and that can cause heating problems. Check for a Broken BeltA broken belt may also be causing a heating problem in your dryer. Clothes may not be turning as they should and clothes are not being cycled properly. If you are unable to find what is causing your dryer not to heat properly after checking other areas, then look at the dryer controls. The dryer controls may not be working as they should–such as the thermostat, the centrifugal swith or the temperature selector switch. An electrician can check these controls with a manometer. No heat in a dryer can be frustrating and time-consuming; however, by checking certain areas of a dryer and getting help from an electrician, you will be able to solve your dryer not heating problem. 

Best and Cheapest Light-Weight Stroller I can Find!

I have a 2 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. I’ve gone through 5 other strollers, including a Peg and a Combi. I chose to purchase this one to have a convenient, truly lightweight stroller with a 5 point harness. If it’s not 5 point, it simply doesn’t do its job in restraining my busy children. The place i found the best deal on was this website. Click the link to check them out, they truly have the best deals for all baby and toddler items.I just received this stroller after ordering twice and having it delayed in shipment. I was a little concerned to order as it isn’t available in stores and there are no reviews since it is brand new. But I am pleasantly surprised. First off the only assembly is snapping on the 4 wheels and snapping the sun shade into place which takes all of 5 minutes.It is tall enough for me to comfortably push around without having to awkwardly bend forward to avoid kicking the wheels, and no stooping as the handles fit me well (I’m 5’7″). Yay!! The wheels are foam with a little give, but not as cushy as air. I doubt this stroller will work for off road, but will do fine on pavement.I took my 4 year old for a test stroll and she is 39 pounds and 43 inches tall. She comfortably fit in it with the harness on the middle position so there is some room for her to grow. It rolls relatively smoothly though the recline doesn’t recline that far back; I’m okay with that since my kids never sleep on the go. It has a parent console that includes a zippered pouch and cup holder. I stuck a water bottle in it just fine, but it may not be suitable for a Big Gulp. There are also 2 small mesh pouches on either side of the seat, presumably for things like pacis and sippy cups. There is also a small storage space under the seat, and I think it can fit a SMALL diaper bag or a few coats and books. Click here to check out this stroller, and other greatly priced ones.I chose this stroller over the First Years Jet stroller for $40 simply because I could get it in stock faster. I also like the khaki color because we live in San Antonio where it is ridiculously hot and sunny. The sun canopy is adequate though not giant.The stroller appears well built. Even if it falls apart in one year, I’d just buy another since it’s so stinkin’ cheap. Thanks First Years for finally creating an inexpensive but comfortable umbrella stroller. I love it!

Never used to like wearing slippers until I found these!

I have generally frowned on slippers, finding them a ugly, ill fitting non-essential in the past for my 9.5 wide feet. As I gracefully age into my middle years, when the the temperature plummets, so does my tolerance for cold feet. This season I had the misfortune of being sequestered in my home walking around in regular socks, around the house for a few days to study for a test. I tried everything but slippers (I had none) to keep my feet warm. Finally I caved in to suggestions. Received these in ‘Aztec black’, size medium (9-10) from another merchant( I am not sure what possessed me to choose that color/size unavailable on Amazon) and tried them on with much trepidation. Needless to say I am very happy with this other merchant.Comfort/Warmth: I felt instant and sustained warmth, just wearing them and sitting on my chair. “are a warm haven for your chilly feet” No misrepresentation there from the manufacturer.As I walk, my feet feel they are riding on a plush carpet wearing nothing but a good pair socks even when I am on ceramic tile in the kitchen and bathroom as well a much colder concrete garage floor and the warmth persists. My feet are deforming the shape of the slippers, as the uppers easily tolerate varying and omnidirectional stretch as I walk.Construction: These seem built like a durable, high quality fleece garment, except they are a shoe. The uppers are made of a single layer of thick soft fleece, a ghastly decorative color on the outside and soft black inside. 2 pieces front and back stitched securely together in the center. There is no removable insole, rather the black fleecy stuff continues, and underneath it is softer but not too thick nor firm, semi plush foam mid-sole, with a thin, flexible rubbery out-sole that grips well. There is a suede border that covers the fleece upper where it meets the out-sole, probably adding to durability and protection from bumps, but also contributing to the general unsightliness . I do not feel any support or shock absorption from the foamy mid-sole, not that I was expecting it. I like the idea that they are machine washable, but have not tried it yet.Fit: They fit like a nice pair of gloves. They are designed to widen naturally, substantially near the ball of the foot area and nicely hug the toes, contributing to the warmth. They are compliant(stretchy) and commodious for my 9-9.5 length large volume feet. I feel no pinching or pressure points. My dad who has more regular size 9 feet also found them very comfortable to walk around in the house, so I guess he will get a pair too in the same size! You can go Here to see a sizing chart specifically for these slippers.Here in the soon to be frozen tundra of Wisconsin, they are just what the doctor ordered. They are what they are advertised as: amazingly warm and comfortable indoor winter slippers. They seem durable enough to survive the winter indoors and decorative enough to be hung up on a wall, after a good wash when summer arrives (next to my Aztec calender?)!~!. They seem light and soft, and wont hurt anyone if hurled in anger or affection. Heck, I might get an extra pair just to throw at the cat, if I do get a cat!

Great Running Shoes, for a Better Price!

I started running approximately 3 years ago when I lost 50 pounds. I knew nothing of running shoes so I went to my local sporting goods chain and tried on about 40 pair before deciding on the Gel-Cumulus 12s. I finally wore those out this year (I’m a social runner, not competitive) so I knew I needed to get some new shoes. I did a search for the Cumuluses and saw that the new ones, the 14s, were getting horrible reviews, while the 12s had gotten great reviews. Well, now what? I Googled, “Best running shoe for women” and found out that the Gel-Kayanos were #2. I wanted to stay with the ASICS brand because I had really enjoyed my Cumuluses. I searched for the Kayanos here and found that the reviews for the 19s were really good. In addition, I liked the look of the pink and lime green together on the black shoe. I found the color i wanted, (and the price i wanted) HERE. Great deals on all women’s shoes.So, I did something I have never, ever done before. I ordered a pair without ever putting them on my feet! Scary!! When they came and I tried them on for the first time it was like the Heavens opened up and a band of angels began to sing, “Hallelujah!” It was easily the most amazing shoe I had ever had on my foot. Ever. The proof was in the run however. I was able to do my 4 miles without any knee or leg fatigue at all!! What a difference a new pair of shoes makes! Click here to check out this pair of shoes and much much more.I have an average to wide foot and a high instep. My arch is average. I tend to run on my forefoot most of the time and the fit of these shoes feels like a glove around my foot. They are true to size (I wear a 7 1/2 in all shoes, these are no different). The memory foam around the ankle truly makes the shoe mold to my foot while on and makes it feel like it was custom made for my foot. The padding on the tongue runs the length of my instep and makes it feel wonderful in these shoes. The instep is usually where I find trouble in any shoe as mine is so high. But not with these–comfort all the way!!

Amazing Windproof Jacket!

I got this jacket as a birthday gift from my parents last month, they bought for me on this site. This also happened to be my first North Face product so I didn’t know what to expect from it other than the fact that it’s so darn popular with kids and adults alike. I tried it in the store before they bought it and I started sweating. It’s that warm. LOL. I like that it’s not bulky at all and can handle temperatures as low as 42 deg and can feel comfortable all the way up to the low 60s. Around the low 30s, I used a sweatshirt for added warmth. But It feels comfortable without any extra layer when you are doing something active outdoors in the cold. I recently tried using this as an extra layer to my new NF Apex Paradigm jacket when we hit temps below freezing. Because it’s so light, it really didn’t add too much bulk to the Paradigm jacket. For active outdoor activities in the cold weather with effective wind protection, I would really recommend this jacket. I hope it last a few years because I love the way it looks and feels. I actually bought the black/grey color combo which looks so much better than the plain black. I found more info on North Face jackets here.The only thing I wished it had was a stowaway hood in case you get caught in the rain. I forgot to mention that this jacket and the Apex Paradigm are both weatherproof. It repels water like a full-time raincoat. Awesome!