Great little walker

Awesome baby outlet store where i bought this walker. I started letting my son play in this walker when he was about 4 months old. He would lean forward because he was still needing support to sit upright, so I started rolling up a towel or blanket and putting it between his chest and the walker. Let me tell you, he just loved it from the moment we put him in! He would just laugh and laugh and push off with his feet like crazy.I think we ejoy watching him in it more than him. I love the brake pads feature which prevent the walker from going over any changes in flooring, like stairs or a door jam. I actually took them off, as our house is only one story, and I am always near to him while he is in it.THe little piano tray is excellent, and has such a variety of sounds and songs that he can make. THey are not too annoying or shrill sounding, either, like so many childrens toys.It was not too hard to put together, although i did need to follow the manual pretty closely, as I could not figure out the pieces on my own. I think it probably took about 20 minutes to get all set up. More info on this walker.I like that the music tray is removeable, so it can become a tray for little toys or even snacks later on.I wold highly recommend this toy, as my son seems to like it very much. More great playcenters that i own.

Super bowls!

Awesome kitchen products store!

How much can you say about mixing bowls? Hopefully enough to convince you, dear reader, to buy them. This particular set is nicely vertical, which is very helpful for mixing with a single beater (more shallow bowls allow tossed material to coat your kitchen. This is widely considered an undesirable thing.), and is made of a high quality stainless which will survive your freezer, your dishwasher and even your range when used as the top part of a double boiler. The tops are plastic; they fit well now and are a nice addition to the set; I can’t vouch for how long they’ll last of course. The stainless is of the sort that picks up smudges pretty easily so I don’t think in most times these will double as serving containers at any but the most informal of events, but other than that they are quite easy to clean. That ease is enhanced by the design, which is free of doodads that one one will ever use but behind which batter likes to hide. You did the same search I did, you know what I’m talking about. Click here for more info on these bowls. So is this set worth the ten bucks’ premium over that other set of silver-colored stainless mixing bowls with lids? I can’t say for certain because I don’t own that other set. But I will tell you that I spent the ten bucks and I’m very happy with the result. What about that other other set, the one with the pre-recession price? I can’t say about them, either. Maybe they repulse fingerprints and you can bring them right out of the fridge to the serving table at your daughter’s cotillion. Again, I’m happy with the product I chose. Awesome mixing bowls here.

all right by me !!!

Check out this awesome clothing store. Wrangler makes a great pair of somewhat loose fitting rugged, durable jeans for any guy who wants a slightly more relaxed look to their work (or play) jeans. Moreover, these jeans are a good choice for people like me who are slightly overweight. They really do give you extra room in the thigh and the seat; and that’s great!The denim is nice and thick; and these jeans are extremely durable. The excellent stitching helps make this possible. In fact, these jeans can last for years at a time without any fraying–even at the bottoms of the legs. They are made from cotton and they are permanent press. However, I would wash these jeans with similar colors to avoid any color dye bleeding onto white garments in the wash or dryer cycle. They say that you should tumble dry these on low; but I use the permanent press settings on my dryer and that seems to work fine without any problems. They come in five colors, too. Black jeans are even possible in an office where you don’t have to dress too fancy but yet blue jeans just won’t be allowed, either. Learn more about these jeans here.Overall, these fine jeans by Wrangler easily rival any jeans made by other manufacturers. Make sure you choose the right size and color for you if you’re using the pricing and availability chart above on this webpage. If you want a pair of loose fitting yet rugged, durable jeans, this may be just what you’re looking for. I doubt that you’ll be disappointed. Click here to check out awesome jeans.

The BEST sunglasses I’ve ever owned!

Awesome new store i got the sunglasses off of.

When I first got my product, I was really excited about them. Everything was perfect – they were lightweight, stylish, and I could tell that the lenses were really high quality. Then, I noticed some scratches on the inside of one of the lenses. I immediately contacted the manufacturer and was blown away by their customer service! They worked with me to get a replacement as soon as possible – I don’t recall ever getting such great customer service! Trust me, if you purchase these glasses, you will be well taken care of!Also, as I mentioned above, the quality is amazing. I like having sport glasses that I can use for tennis/racquetball/biking. I got these principally as driving glasses and although I haven’t used these in sports yet, I can tell that they will be perfect! The main reason is because they’re super lightweight which means that I can turn my head quickly (like in racquetball) or go on rough terrain (when I’m biking) without them bouncing/flying off. Heavy metal glasses don’t like to stay with you (because the heavier something is, the less it wants to accelerate with you as you move). These stay on and are perfect for any type of sports.Also, the mirror finish is amazing. I’ve owned glasses that have a heavy tint so when you wear them everything seems a lot darker. These actually allow you to see really well while blocking out the heavy glare. I’ve already used them in snow and fog while driving and they help immensely. Click here to learn more on these sunglasses.Another great thing that I like about them is the nose pad. In the past, I’ve owned glasses with two round nose pads. After a 30 minute drive, when you take those types of glasses off, you’re left with two dumb circles on your nose. These glasses have a nose brace out of a silicon like material. Because of it’s shape and also the lightweight form factor of the glasses, it doesn’t leave a prominent mark like other glasses do. Check out more great sunglasses here.All in all, I highly recommend these glasses. If you’re in search of high quality driving or sport glasses, give these a try! I’m glad that I did 🙂

Beyond great and delivery was amazing!

I ordered this ring because I had just gotten a diamond halo style ring for our 2yr anniversary and we couldn’t afford to also get an eternity band just yet. Click here to check out the awesome discount ridden jewelery store i found these on. At least not until I saw this ring! It was exactly what I was looking for and the fact that it is stainless steel was great. It shouldn’t tarnish and should wear well. I don’t baby my jewelry particularly. Another huge plus was that I ordered in on a Saturday and it was safely packaged and in my mailbox by the following MONDAY!! That’s right people I said the following MONDAY!.. and I ordered it standard delivery so no special “rush” was put on it! I was so happy to find it there so fast! It is exactly as it says/shows it to be and the sizing was right on. It looks totally real and really sets off my diamond anniversay halo style ring. It sparkles so much and is so shiny. I read other review(s) in which one or maybe more of the stones fell out but I have already been in the swimming pool with it and no worries! It’s even more sparkly in the sun! WOW! I shared 3 images but the one with my wedding band and my anniversary diamond ring is a little bit blurry. You can see for yourself but I say get it now! It may not last and again.. the sizing is right on. I got a 7 and it fits perfectly. Love it! Thanks to this seller for making a girl’s dreams come true on a budget. No one has to know it’s not real.. and you surely cannot tell that it’s a CZ! Gorgeous! Click here to check out more rings from the site above.UPDATE 9/22/12Still looks AMAZING and when it does get a little bit dirty I just clean it right up with some mild jewelry cleaner and it shines up so nicely! The jewelry cleaner I use has a small brush with it but I use it very gently and carefully as to be gentle with the ring. Although I am not particularly gentle on my jewelry. It holds up very well. After I clean it I rinse it with warm water and dry it with a soft terry cloth towel. It’s just like new again and again! Not a single stone has been lost or is loose. I am still very happy with this purchase. Click here to learn more about this incredible ring.UPDATE 08/21/13STILL GOING STRONG! No I don’t wear it every single day but even so I do wear it ALOT and I haven’t had any problems with it at all. Still say it’s a great purchase. Still LOVING IT!

These are the BEST Yoga pants EVER!

These are the BEST Yoga pants EVER! I was first introduced to them after I happened to find a pair randomly at Ross one day. I wore the heck out of those things, to the grocery store, around the house, during tennis with my husband, when I took my dogs for a walk, etc… and after many washings and wearings I realized I had better get another pair. Unfortunately however, I was saddened to find that since Ross only carries random products, they did NOT have a second pair of these pants on their shelf. Turns out I had to take my search for the BEST Yoga Pants ever online to With the brand name and the style number off the tag it didn’t take me long to find the exact product I already owned for $19.99 on Amazon, which just so happens to be the same price I paid at Ross (what a DEAL!). So I ordered another pair and I wore the heck out of those as well. Even wearing them so often though, I must note that the color and elasticity of the fabric maintained itself very well. I could wear them for 5 days in a row after work and wash them once a week and they’d maintain perfect shape day after day.After I found myself pregnant with my first child, I ordered 2 more pair because I knew I’d want something comfortable to wear while my body was undergoing all the changes. You can read more information about these yoga pants by Clicking Here. Then, during the 7th, 8th, and 9th month of my pregnancy, when the belly bump drops and things start to get quite uncomfortable, these yoga pants SAVED MY LIFE! I literally wore them EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I made a new outfit of it by pairing them with cute Roxy sandals, a solid v-neck maternity top, and a white cami underneath to smooth things out. The yoga pant material was thin enough that I didn’t get hot, even in the hundred degree heat of June, yet thick enough that it was flattering to my curves, despite my 50 pound baby weight gain. I currently own 6 pairs of these yoga pants in varying sizes, and they’ve all been SOOOOOO fantastic that I’ve even ordered and had them shipped to friends and family via this site.As for the sizing, when I wore a size 6-7 jeans pre-pregnancy I fit into the Medium yoga pants. When I wore size 8-9 jeans during early-pregnancy I wore the Large yoga pants. And during the later part of my pregnancy, and I assume for awhile after the baby is born also, I’ve worn the Extra Large size yoga pants mostly the entire time. These yoga pants took the guess work out of “what to wear?” everyday because they were comfortable, flattering, and paired with a different color top, I had a new outfit every time. Not to mention, they don’t LOOK like gym clothes! They don’t have stripes or huge obvious logos on them, so they just appear to be a casual pair of black pants, which I think are perfectly acceptable to wear out EVERYWHERE I go. Whether it’s a restaurant, the grocery store, or a family function. I love them, and you will too!!

Great Ball, But There Are Some Things you’ll want to know.

Let me start out by saying this is a really nice excersize ball, but there are definitely a few pieces of information that could be of use to you.First things first, the ball does smell pretty strongly at the beginning, but on day one the smell is already dissipating, and in my experience this is very typical (I have a handful of these balls from different manufacturers for chairs at desks around my home) but it does smell like a sort of plasticy petroleum type smell. It will go away, but be prepared for it.You get what you pay for with the pump, it is by no means a good pump, but works for the purposes of filling up the ball for the first time, and is nicer than many that I have received with other balls I have purchased because it is a foot pump rather than a hand pump, which my arms could not have been happier about. A simple trick to make life a bit easier is to superglue the hoses into position so they stop popping off; once I did this it was a simple matter to finish inflating the ball.The ball is EXTREMELY hard when filled to the appropriate size (the size indicated by the measuring tape); the whole time I was filling it, I felt like it would burst but it handled the pressure like a champ (one member of my family ways over 300 lbs and didn’t seem to be taxing the ball at all). This is great if you need a nice hard surface to work out on, but if you want a bit softer of a seat or feel to it then go up a size and let some air out. Click here to learn more on this great excersize ball.The surface is the shiny smooth one rather than the textured one. I don’t personally care which one I have, but if you want a specific texture, realize that this is the smooth one and might not be the perfect solution for hardwood floors (though I’m using mine on hardwood and it seems to be doing just fine.While the description on this website says that the ball will hold 1000 lbs of pressure, the materials included in the packaging clearly indicated 600 as the max. I’m having trouble thinking of a situation where 600 lbs wouldn’t cut it, but again, forewarned is forearmed.As far as anything else goes, the teal color is very true to the images, the shipping was quick and the package was well protected by a second box inside. After purchasing a few exercise balls over the last few years, I can say that so far this is my favorite, buy with confidence.

Great Comfortable Mat

A yoga mat is really the only thing that you tend to use on every yoga workout. It cushions your feet and gives you stability during some of the stretching moves. This mat is a full 1/4″ thick and provides great cushion for your yoga routines. Click here to check out the best place to get your yoga equipment, clothes, and accessories you may need.First, a note about all yoga mats. Because of what they are made of, they tend to have a chemical type of smell when you first get them. This is normal! You simply air them out for a few days, perhaps wipe them down with soap and water, and this will dissipate. It’s like breaking in a new pair of boots – you have to go through that initial phase.I found the mat to be really wonderful. It is cushiony enough that it supports me in a variety of poses, whether I’m standing, kneeling, laying down, stretching. It is far better than doing yoga on a bare floor – whether that might be wood, stone, carpet or whatever. The cushion is really important for many poses.Even though it has that nice cushion, it is also stable too. You feel quite firmly planted when you are doing balancing positions. It’s not like you are trying to balance on top of a trampoline.The mat is a good middle ground between “resistant to sliding” and “too sticky”. You can readjust your feet when you need to – but if you want to plant your hands, it helps keep your hands in place.I also really like that the mats comes in a wide variety of colors. People are more likely to exercise if they really like their exercise equipment. If you love green, go for green. I got the light lavender and really like it. To me it is calming and relaxing. Whatever color energizes or relaxes you, you probably can find it here. Find more deals on yoga!The mat might be a little bulky to carry around with you, but you can get a lighter mat for use when you travel. This one is just perfect as an at-home mat, to really give you a solid base for whatever level of yoga you are currently at.

Simple, timeless and form fitting.

Click here to get this for the same great price i did! I wear a hat when walking the dog for two reasons: to keep the hot sun off my head because it makes me ill, and to keep the bright sun out of my eyes because it gives me a headache. The dog ate my last hat, which was a mesh/moisture-wicking hat designed for exercise, so I needed a new one ASAP. This hat is sturdily constructed and keeps the sun off my head effectively. It has two drawbacks, however: the fabric is so heavy that I sweat much more than I used to (although I will say that this hat does absorb it well), and the bill is so curved that it leaves too much of the sky visible. I found I had to pull it far down over my forehead to cut out enough light for comfort – and at that point it started hitting my glasses. It was quite uncomfortable. So the hat gets three stars from me.However. . . after I had worn this a few times, enough to know I didn’t like it, my husband saw it lying on the hall table and popped it onto his head. He has a small head, so he usually looks pretty goofy in hats and doesn’t wear them for that reason — but this one looks great, and he loves it! He does have to pull the velcro tab a little tighter than it was designed for, but that doesn’t seem to create any problems. He is so excited about the hat that he keeps asking me if I’ve ordered myself a new one yet, so that he can inherit this one. Five stars from him! More awesome hats.I would say that if you want the classic wear-around men’s ball cap, this is a great hat, especially for the price! If you’re looking for more of a physical-activity hat, you should check out some models that are designed specifically for that purpose. This model isn’t quite practical enough.

A new favorite Hoody

For such a cheap hoodie, this hoodie rocks!. Buy it here for the best deals. First off, it is very soft, seriously, I fall asleep in this thing sometimes. The hoodie is very nice and stylish, especially in Vintage White and Vintage Blue. I am 5 ft 8″ and ordered a medium and this thing fits perfectly, it doesn’t end at you’re waist but just a little bit lower meaning I will be able to wear this for at least a good 2 years before more growth spurts hit me (I’m 14). I also love to practice my Martial Arts in this thing since it is very soft and doesn’t really ware me down.Just for the people out there, this is NOT a slim fit, but it isn’t all bulgy or boxy either, this is between those which is just right. So if you’re standing still, this thing will not box out and make you look weird. This hoodie also reminds me a lot of Assasin’s Creed since Dezmond wears a hoodie just like this.This hoodie looks really nice as well when I wear my satchel bag with it. This hoodie is really worth the money since it is so cheap and it is a really nice hoodie for the price. Just for sizing help, I am 14 yrs old, 5 ft. 8″, and I am 124 Lbs. Seriously, pick up this hoodie, it is the cheapest and most awesome hoodie I’ve found on the internet. I bet if Hollister got their hands on this and put their logo and some weird date like “1989”, they would sale this for like 50 bucks. Pick up this hoodie if you get the chance, I LOVE it and can’t wait to wear it for my first year in high school :). Check out more awesome hoodies here.Update 8/22/2013I just received my Vintage Royal and I am not disappointed 🙂 It still fits just as good as the last and looks great with my black skinny jeans. I am now debating on which color to get next or if I should buy Fallout: New Vegas. Will update soon for more info 🙂