A must-have family game

Qwirkle is a big winner both as a family game and an educational game. If you love kids and/or games it belongs on your must-have list (along with Set, Zigity, Family Fluxx, Blokus, Magnetic Quarto, and Labyrinth: the card game).PROS:Fun for all ages and any number of players.Inclusive, meaning adults and very young kids can have fun playing together (not exactly the same thing as the previous comment!)Develops different kinds of thinking–logic, strategy, patterns (or left/right brain if you prefer).An elementary toy which encourages experimentation with new rules and games, as well as tasks like sorting and patterning.Portable, comes with drawstring bag.Seems durable–no chipping or peeling paint, despite next comment.CONS:Poor build quality. Not all pieces are square or the same size. Many paint defects, some pieces were stuck together.Poor design and implementation of a great idea. For example there is a four-pointed star and an eight-pointed star. The four-lobed shape is variously called flower, clover, and shamrock. These and other ambiguities could have easily been avoided with a little more thought. Also, red/orange and blue/green are hard to distinguish except in bright light.Requires a fairly large flat surface to play and tiles are easily bumped (it’s a portable game but definitely not a travel game).Each tile has one of six shapes drawn in one of six colors, resulting in a 36-tile grid. The game contains three of these sets for a total of 108 tiles. You must place tiles so that each row and column contains only one color or shape. You get bonus points for completing a set of six (a Qwirkle), at which point that line is closed. The lines can have gaps, which makes it much more interesting.Note: The picture on the Amazon product page does not conform to the instructions that came with our game.[…]Apparently even the designers are having too much fun making up rules!We like to play shorter versions of the game using one or two sets of tiles. (We store a single set in a Ziplock bag within the drawstring bag). Also, our son (6) likes to keep score only by counting Qwirkles, rather than having a point for each tile.Here then are the rules for “Speed Qwirkle”, which is what we usually play:Use only one set of tiles.Two or more players.Each player draws only 4 tiles.Tiles can only be placed within a 6×6 square, so you’ll know fairly soon where each one must go.Tiles must touch on an edge–you can’t put one in its place off by itself.You have to play something if you can, but you can play fewer than you might.Score one point for each line you complete (there are only 12).You never know how it’s going to turn out until the very end!We also play “Quicker Qwirkle”, with two sets of tiles and five per person. Another rule we use a lot is that you get a double bonus for making a purple Qwirkle, because it’s so much fun to say.Help o

Gorgeous, Classy, Poofy, decorations that add so much to a party!

First time using pom pom’s at all and used them for my vintage inspired baby shower. My mother in law bought 3 packs of the Martha Stewart Crafts pom pom’s. There was 1 large lighter pink rounded edge pom, 2 darker pink slightly smaller than large pointy edge,1 slightly smaller than a large light pink round edge and 1 slightly smaller than a large rounded edge coral color.I absolutely loved the outcome of the pom pom once it is finished being put together and “poofed” out. It beats buying streamer and cheaply made signs to hang.The pom pom’s come to life, they are quite big-and definitely add beauty to the look of any party. They can also be used to hang in your nursery or kids room, which is a bonus! Since I’d say trying to save them and put them away somewhere wouldn’t be good since they are tissue paper-they wouldn’t look the same.Putting them together: They come un-assembled-which means a stack of tissue paper edges are pre cut, and a piece of wire. You have to fold “Accordion” like until it’s all folded, then you fold your wire over it, then twist the wire together- It says to fold wire at 6″, but for me I found it easier folding it just about in half. Then make a “loop” in the wire and attach your ribbon or string(sold separately) After that-the “poofing” process begins-I’d suggest “poofing” about 6 sheets on each side-then FLIP over and poof the rest-otherwise you get all the poof to one side and you spend more time moving them around to get them in a round shape-The directions are not very good! FYI- It is easy to rip since you are pulling up on the tissue paper, so be as gentle as you can- but it is EASY to hide the rips-depending on how much and where you ripped it.Plan Ahead:I’d suggest allowing PLENTY of time to get these together for any party-maybe have someone help you-and plan a few hours- or even a couple of days in advance if you have A LOT to put together. I had 3 packs of these and another 3 packs from Amscan which included 5 in each package, but those were already folded for you with an attached string(huge advantage), 2 Martha Stewart pom pom garlands, and 1 pack of 6 which were all small size pom poms-a total of 36 pom pom’s and 2 garlands- I started 2 days in advance and hung them early to avoid damage from sitting.(They were inside and outside-it did get windy but they all held up great) We also paired these pom poms with 3 Martha Stewart eyelet lanters-and another 5 white regular lanterns. Not to mention all of the other decorations,and tons of prep work added to the construction of the pom pom’s. So just be sure to allow plenty of time especially if you have lots of other things you need to get done!I’d recommend these pom poms to anyone- they are really beautiful and add a lot of character & texture to a party- Everyone was talking about how gorgeous these were! I saved some of these and the Martha Stewart eyelet lanters and hung them in baby’s nursery! so gorgeous- you won’t be disappointed!


I picked up the 300C for the family boat last summer after over-researching low priced sonars. I came to the conclusion that the 300C smokes anything under $300. Great display, very fast, very low power requirements, great mount, and great instructions. A few notes: calibrate the keel offset or your depth will not be super accurate (this is kind of a “duh”)- mine is accurate to 1 inch; confirmed with a yard stick. When you open the clamp on the mount, use your middle fingers to spread the mount ears just a bit and it lifts right out with a pop. The speed sensor, power, and depth/temp finder cables are indexed so they plug right into only their holes. I have a digital volt meter on the boat, and this sucked almost no juice from the battery with the motor off over a few hours; the 300C would be great for a small boat, canoe, or kayak with a battery and no recharge capability. Spring the extra $35 for the speed sensor if you have a power boat…it totally rocks. The display has excellent contrast; there are a bit higher resolution displays, but the 300C has more than enough resolution, and great contrast…and an excellent night display mode. You can set the 330C to power up with a remote switch, which is a nice feature. There is also a display setting where you get large font depth, water temp, voltage, and speed, without the sonar display. Get the $9 hard plastic cover to protect it. In sum; nothing beats the 300C for the price.The next real step up in Garmin is the 550C with a larger display, but almost double the price of the 300C, and its physical footprint is bigger. If you wanted to spend $600 and above I would take a very hard look at Lowrance; I thought their displays were very detailed in the higher priced units.Note: the Lowrance Elite 4x was not out when I purchased my Garmin 300C, it is very nice as well, but I would still take the Garmin given the display contrast in daylight and outstanding night mode.

Love love love this shirt!

I am so glad I ordered this. I must have read every review for this shirt at least 20 times! I am around 5 ft 7 and150-160 pounds (trying to lose a few too, ugh) and ordered the large. I was a little worried after reading the reviews that I would need an extra large, but am so glad my boyfriend talked me into the large because its perfect.It fits just like the photo, mine stops right at the bottom of my butt so I wouldn’t be able to wear it as a dress but if you’re petite you will and it would be adorable! I am now on the lookout for awesome leggings/skinnies to go with these. I am really surprised by the quality after reading reviews: Mine came September 9th with an expected ship date of Sept.26-Oct.15 so that’s a plus. It came packaged in an bubble style envelope that I opened very carefully so I wouldn’t damage the shirt. The shirt was folded nicely inside with the Allegra K tag attached and “uxcell” had also placed a 5$ off coupon, but I think it’s only good for uxcell.com, not amazon. I thought the shirt was really good quality and was a great deal for the price I paid. I have worn it once out of the house- to the grocery store. I was hoping it would be cold in the store, but I did get hot walking around in it. I am going to wait for crisper/chillier weather and it will be perfect! From reading the reviews on a lot of Allegra K clothes( I love the style and way they look) it seems to be hit and miss in terms of quality/size/way it look in real life, but this is the first item I’ve ordered and it’s a definite hit! I’m so glad I ordered this and recommend this shirt if you are wanting it.

TheLees 5 Button Black Vest – Go Big or Go Home

I just wanted to throw my 3 cents in the hat as different people have vastly different takes on TheLees sizing. A disclaimer / background info: I did not consult TheLees before ordering, I DID read tons of reviews on Amazon before ordering though. I live in the US – TX to be precise. I purchased mine on eBay (my review may get nixed right there, but the shipping was better there at the current time). I did not elect for expedited shipping, I took the free shipping that was given to me on eBay.Okay, on with the review. I am 6’1″ tall and weigh about 175-180. I consider my build pretty standard for this height and weight. I work out a little, but am not muscularly bulky nor am I overweight. I am not skinny either as you can imagine 180 lbs on a 6’1″ frame. I typically buy Large tshirts and Medium dress shirts if they run big. Large has become my size of choice in many cases, enough length and broad enough in the shoulders. As stated, I read many reviews to gauge where I needed to be in sizing myself up. I read a couple reviews from guys who were around my build and they went XXL (Korean size) and it fit them. I read about guys that were my height but skinny (155 lbs range) and they went with the L and XL (Korean size) and it fit them. This confirmed that I would definitely not fit into the Korean XL which was the American Large. I only had one option left, GO BIG OR GO HOME! I knew it was a risk, call it taking a leap of faith or what have you, but I went for the Double XL (Korean XXL, American XL). This seemed to be the ideal size range since everyone said they run quite small, and in comparison with the other reviewers on Amazon, it was my only choice.Even without expedited shipping, the vest arrived in about 10 days from Korea to Texas. Pretty damn nice if you ask me. I immediately had to rip open the very crunchy packaging to see what the results were. Going into this, my main concern was the top buttons closing without stress in the lat muscles. You know a man has to have that back going on. Anyways I was mainly worried due to the picture displaying it unbottoned as if this were how it was to be worn. The top button was the first thing I went for after slipping it on. Buttoned no problem! After buttoning up the rest of the buttons and adjusting the lower back strap to fit, this thing fit very nicely! I honestly, like other reviewers have stated, could not be more pleased with the fit. Hopefully my notes above will help you in choosing the proper fit for you. If I were a larger guy, as in 200lbs.+ I would be wary about buying this one. The mid section had plenty of room as I had to take it in with the back strap a good inch or two. This leads me to believe that if you had a little more belly goin on you would be fine, but if your chest is big, or you have a strong back and lats, you may want to watch out. The 3 button may be a better option for you.Quality of Vest: I have heard some people bash the quality of this thing. I have never shopped for a vest at a designer store, but I have looked at Men’s Wearhouse and compared to the ones they have there… no comparison. This one not only looks much nicer, it feels better quality too! This one has the tailored stitching down the front panels and sides (you can see this on the lighter colors), which helps bring in areas where the MW vest just sags out. I tried on a slim fit vest at Men’s Wearhouse (Large) and it did fit right, but it was $70! This one cost me $33 and change, looks much nicer, feels much nicer, and fits better. Most “suit separates” vests, such as the ones at Men’s Warehouse have that cheap silk back to them that feels like you are paying for zero fabric. This one has the same fabric throughout as this one is intended to be worn without a jacket. The other vests look like you are missing your jacket if you want to just wear the vest, but this one looks like a complete article of clothing. Since the gamble paid off for me here, I would gladly order from them again. Please read the other reviews. I would never give this a low star rating based on quaility and I can see where some would due to sizing. It is technically way off. I ordered an American XL and it fits pretty snug, and to tell the truth, I was on the verge of going American Large just thinking I knew best. I am glad I put faith into the reviews like this one because it led me to make the proper decision and I couldn’t be more happy with the buy!

Play it safe and get a JanSport Classic!

SCHOOL: Before I had a car, I had to stuff all of my books and school supplies in my backpack for the entire school day, and somehow after 2 years of hauling over 25 lbs of stuff every day, my backpack is still in great condition–I’m still using that same one for school now (…so it’s been about 4 years). There’s a flap in the smaller compartment that lets you put pens and smaller items inside. The best part of it all: the backpack is water resistant. Since I didn’t have a car, I had to walk in the rain a lot, and while the outside of my backpack has been soaked, my stuff inside still stays dry.EXERCISE: I use this backpack for hiking and for my workout stuff: Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes, Neutrogena sunblock, Secret deodorant, sunglasses, tissue, hand towel, water bottle, sweater, cell phone, keys, and wallet. What’s cool is that this backpack itself isn’t very bulky unless if you stuff it, so I actually like this better than the backpacks from Big 5 or Sports Authority–those ones are big and bulky even when they’re empty! Again, it’s water resistant, so no worries if you accidentally spill water or sweat all over it.TRAVEL: I’ve had this one for about 7 years, and it’s slightly different from the other two such that the zippers open all the way down instead of halfway. Thus, it’s my perfect travel backpack because I can put my folded clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other travel stuff in it. It’s perfect for a short weekend trip or for an overnight stay, when a full-on luggage case or duffle bag isn’t necessary.All 3 of my JanSport backpacks have gotten really dirty from everyday use over the years, so I tossed them into my washing machine under the delicate cycle and let them air dry. They came out good as new and have thoroughly convinced me that I will be getting another JanSport should I need another backpack.If you’re still thinking about whether the JanSport Classic fits your needs, think no more. The quality and design of this backpack won’t fail you. It’ll last you a long time (given you don’t abuse it) and won’t go out of style–there’s so many different colors and designs to choose from among the Classic SuperBreak line itself, so you don’t have to get the plain black one that almost every student has. But do yourself a favor and don’t buy it for $40 at the mall–I got all 3 of mine at Ross for less than $15.

Super Soft, but LARGE/Long

Great webstore where i found this sweater. I am so in love with all the tops I have purchased from this seller. I have 5 of them and they are pretty much the only things I wear.I was reluctant to purchase this sweater with the mixed reviews but I am glad I did.I am 5’7″ and around 160lbs. I bought the large (10/12) and was expecting it to actually be more on the smaller side (hoping it wasn’t). When it arrived I couldn’t believe how huge it actually was. I am currently wearing it as a sweater dress with leggings, boots and a scarf and I couldn’t be happier. It for sure comes down to my mid thigh, which I was not expecting at all. The material is unbelievable soft too. I feels like a brand new sweatshirt (has that crazy soft inside). I feel like I’m at work in PJs because it is so comfortable. The Weave is relatively open, so laying is for sure required. But I don’t know anyone who doesn’t layer with at least a tank top these days anyway. There was a bit of a smell when it came but anything that is stuck in plastic for who knows how long is going to have that. I threw it in the drying on the steam function with a dryer sheet and the smell was gone in 15min 🙂 Would for sure recommend if you are looking for that LARGE batwing/dolman type sweater/minidress. More info on this sweater is only a click away.

Very high quality set with one puzzling element…

Updated: March 28, 2013: If you plan to have a drink a this table, bring hard coasters and hope for the best. You cannot stand a glass up on the table since the top is not smooth.—I was looking to save some room on our balcony and wanted a bistro set in which all pieces fold up since we don’t use it every day and have lounge chairs out there. I didn’t want a low quality set or anything made of resin so I found this one and ordered it after reading that the reviews were positive.The way that the product is packaged it top of the line. Each piece is very carefully wrapped in plastic and there are styrofoam pieces over the bottom of the legs. When I removed the plastic, I realized right away what a beautiful and high quality set this is.The puzzling aspect is something noted by another reviewer. The top of the table is woven but directly under that is a very flimsy, thin piece of cardboard. They should have used plastic or something. Since this is an outdoor bistro set, I would imagine it will get soggy if it rains so we’ll have to cover it if there’s even very light rain outside. Even folded up against the wall it seems if the table top gets wet in any way the cardboard will turn to mush. I am considering putting a clear tablecloth over the top of it when we use it but that will really take away from the beauty of the table. I took a star off for the cardboard bottom.

This is the highest quality lighted mirror you will find.

I just ordered this for my mother. We received it and it was a surprise at every turn. First of all we got it in less than two days and it arrived via Fed Express (no extra charge). Then the packaging was among the best I have seen with glass products. But no peanuts or shredded paper mess all over everywhere when you opened the box. The product itself: The weight is a good solid weight. It has multiple angles you can place it at and the stand that you do this with, is heavy gauge metal that is placed in various grooves; not ALL plastic that you fear breaking, everytime you reset the angle. The lighting on both sides is done with tubular as opposed to “Nite Lights” that are used on many mirrors. This produces a phenomenal quality of lighting. There are multiple settings for the type of lightening, depending on the type needed: for outside, office, home, daytime, night time, etc. The large middle mirror can be flipped to reveal a 5x magnified mirror. Another plus is that there is a plug outlet on it so that you could plug in electric rollers, hair dryer or any electric device needed at your vanity. I have owned many make up mirrors in the last thirty years and I hesitated on this at first, because I was not familar with the name brand. I am sure glad I ordered it anyway. Tonight I am ordering another one for myself. I have a lighted mirror already, but I cannot pass on this one. I will use my other one for traveling. You cannot miss with this product. It is worth every extra dollar. And the store that it comes from, is stellar!

You may stop shopping around large handed friend.

You may stop shopping around large handed friend. Chances are, you are not a baseball pro. You are an older gentleman, looking to either play some catch or join a local softball team. I can deduce this based of the hand size and that your looking at a budget glove.I was in your shoes only 3 weeks ago. My girlfriend, being a softball pro, was consistently talking at me to purchase a glove. So I went to Wal-Mart, got angry at how expensive they were, and bought this online. Reviews were a little mixed, so I worried until the day it came.This is a great glove, casual player. No, it does not have the best padding, and if your thrower has an arm, it may hurt a little. However, the quality and size are all excellent for the money. I’m sure your contemplating if your willing to take the next price jump to the $60 range and pick up a Rawlings, but please stop wondering. I assure you, this glove fits what you need it for my weekend warrior friend.If you are shopping for a large handed child about to enter high school baseball, please, go to a store and have him fitted. Scholarships matter in our day and economy. However, if you are like me, a guy simply looking for a glove to get him by; one that is of good quality and fits his large hand, you will be pleased with the Wilson A360. Take a look at some more info on this glove.