Easy Assembly and good value

I bought this as a temporary pantry for my under-construction kitchen with the intent to use it in my art studio after I’m finished with it. It came in a smaller box and I was a little apprehensive about the assembly required as my hands are somewhat arthritic and I didn’t feel up to doing lots of little screws and spending an hour deciphering foreign instructions. I was pleasantly surprised to find all the pieces snapped together without tools. The instructions were clear and concise. And they did a great job designing the assembly process, too. Each hole had only one piece that fit into it in a specific way. You couldn’t have screwed this up if you tried except by putting on the top before the doors. I almost didn’t even need the instructions except for not understanding what some of the connectors were for. It took all of about 10 minutes to assemble and though I didn’t really need it, the help from my husband in aligning the top properly while holding the doors in place was appreciated.The unit itself is very sturdy, is currently holding a lot canned goods and heavy baking ingredients. It says four shelves but that doesn’t include the bottom which makes a fifth. It’s just tall enough to provide the maximum amount of storage but allow even a short person to access the top shelf. With the Prime shipping delivering this straight to my door, this became an excellent value. I live in the country, and appreciate not having to drag it home myself. But, I don’t think I could have fit this into my car if I’d even found it in town, so the shipping was important to me. Great job, Sterilite.

Made in the USA! Very Versatile and Stylish

I received this top for my b’day this year and I’m thrilled. I had it on my Amazon Wish List forever, it seems!The first thing—it is NOT crocheted, it is made out of lace and the lace is just beautiful.I am built with a smallish bust, 38 C (If I wear a well padded bra),a well rounded abdomen and a smallish hips and butt. Since I have a large abdomen, I am always worried about tops like these making me look pregnant. This top is made of such a well draping material, that I will never have to worry about that.I have gotten more compliments on this top than anything else I have worn in the last few years.This top will looked wonderful with denim leggings and it will look great with jeans and dress slacks – even a skirt!The top it VERY see-thru, you really need to wear a cammie under it for the summer, (mine looked great with a camisole the same color as the lace itself )and in the winter you may want to use a turtle-neck of a complimentary color.You really need to wash this on the delicate cycle and line dry. You CAN tumble dry this on low, but I am not going to take the chance. It is delicate so I will need to be be careful about snags. However, looks can be deceiving, and it *can* take more abuse than I give it credit for, I just want to have this top for a long time to come.

For those who like rugged

If you are looking for an everyday watch, or are in need of a more rugged watch to match your lifestyle, than this watch is perfect !The Pros:20BAR water resistance (200 meters. around 700 feet)The whole thing seems to be coated in a semi gloss black rubber, which looks and feels ruggedThe actual face plate itself is set back into the watch, making it hard to scratchThere are many functions like chronometer (with lap splitting), countdown timer, 4 alarms with snooze, a mini led light that you can set to auto on (when you tilt the watch from parallel to ground past 40 degrees) or button pressed, and world clockVery rugged double clasp wrist band that is securely attached to the timepiece with some of the thickest bars i’ve seen on a watchDate display on the face of the watch, month day and weekday nameIt is very easy to set up and also very accurate24 hour and 12 hour timeRugged enough for everyday use, but impressive enough for formal wear tooThe Cons:The mini led is actually in the bottom of the watch base, and does not light up the date screens, but this is only a minor problemThere are alot of designs on this watch that if you want to keep it clean, you need to get a q-tip to reach all of the little holes, and designsThe users guide is a small novel, and has alot of small text, and trying to figure out everything is a little trickyOverall:Highly recommended for people who have a demanding lifestyle and want something that wont break in two daysVery rugged, stays firmly set to the wrist, and is not too heavyStyle that is affordableWould fit perfectly with a batman costume

Aqua Leisure Swim School Tot Trainer VS SwimWays Swim Sweater

I am writing one review for both products as I bought both and tested them one right after the other. I LOVED BOTH of them.My daughter is 21 months old and tiny for her age at 22.5 lbs.AQUALEISURE – Material is very soft and the crotch strap is also a neoprene and a bit padded so no chaffing! It fits a bit larger than the Swimways but with the crotch strap, still worked very well for my daughter as it secured it so no worries of her slipping through at all. The tube ring is larger than the Swimways although this is a double tube system that you can inflate by mouth. The double tube gives a bit of added security in case of leakage. Mine was tricky to bite to allow the air access though. The actual tube is larger but thinner than the Swimways.SWIMWAYS – Material is very soft. Love that the top is a t-shirt and provides more sun protection. The tube is smaller than the AquaLeisure and is more of a bicycle tire inside. In fact you also need a bike tire pump to pump it up. Once inflated it is actually a slightly larger overall tube but with a smaller circumference than the AquaLeisure (it is more bubbly if that makes any sense). The smaller tube size and overall smaller shirt size seemed to fit my daughter better and should fit her straight through all of next summer too I expect.My daughter loved the comfort of both of these products and was swimming around the pool in each one in a matter of minutes (with me very close by of course). I had no worries of her flipping her head under or anything of the sort. Awesome products and VERY highly recommended. I like this type of swim aid better than a full suit as this way you can just put on a bottom or a washable or disposable swim nappy and it makes a bottom change much simpler is required. Excellent. I am super happy with both!If I had to pick a preference, I might choose the SwimWays but only because it fits a bit smaller and my daughter is so tiny. But I will certainly be using both of these for a while to come.If anyone has any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them.

Budget Glove with decent performance

I am a beer league softball 1st baseman on an above average team for my league. Due to wear, I finally needed to replace my 20 year old cheap glove from baseball. It was also a Wilson A1660 Elite and I expect this glove to last about the same amount of time with the zero attention I give it. It seems to be made out of the same quality material and even uses the same basic design. That is why I opted for a similar glove by the same manufacturer. The original glove had been discontinued.The downside of the A360 glove vs a much more expensive glove is this arrives stiff and must be broken in. I expected this at the price point so it was not overly disappointing. At this price point, expect some work on your end to get the glove like you want it. There are plenty of tutorials to break a glove in on the internet and I have not tried any yet so I will not comment on that.The glove loses a star because I find it to be slippery. I am not sure if it is the infield dust or the leather itself but when I catch the ball near the end of the glove, the ball can slip out sometimes. I do not remember this on my last glove but it may need some more breaking in.This glove fits well on me and feels comfortable when wearing. My hand has not been too hot (have not worn it on really hot days yet). The weight seems even and exactly as my older glove.ProsGood materialBudgetsimilar model last 20 years (this replaces that)Fit – snug but adjustable and I have larger handsConfortableconsball can slip out (maybe fixed over time after break in period)Stiff (needs to be broken in)

BEST handbag I’ve had, hands down!

I just got this today so I haven’t used it yet, but I have to say I am really pleased! The color was spot on from the picture. I wanted raspberry and I got it. It was bigger than I thought which makes me very happy. It’s hard to find a purse that’s big enough but not too big. I’m a purse addict so I am so picky that I am almost impossible to please. I think the size is perfect. Inside there are 3 pockets on one side and too smaller open ones on the other. I wish they had shown a picture of the inside but I will try to describe it. The 2 small, open pockets are the same on every purse. One is a little bigger than the other- maybe for pens in one and phone in the other. I hate putting my phone in these pockets! I am very happy to report that there is a zipped pocket on the outside- excatly what I like for my phone and keys. The other inside pockets are very cool and I have only found this configuration with Tyler Rodan bags. Against the wall of the purse is a traditional zipped pocket. Then there is a divider that is also a zipped pocket, but this creates a smaller section that is perfect for my kindle or small sketch book for my zentangles! You never know when you want to draw a tangle! (If you don’t know what I mean go to Pinterest (not on Pinterest! Inconceivable!!) and pin zentangle. The rest of the purse has a very large section that is open and should hold A LOT! The chain strap actually felt as if it would stay on my shoulder. I usually don’t like the detachable straps because they are too thin and slip off. You could just use the handles I suppose. The bag came to my armpit when I did try but It didn’t feel too bad. I have to tell you what I consider a design flaw in this bag and many others. The top zips along the entire length of the bag (good) but this makes access into the entire purse hard since the zipper in in the way. Frankly, it doesn’t need a zipper and I am considering just cutting it. I never zip my purses. A snap would have been so much better and given you total access to the bag. The other problem was the decorative strap around the top. The strap with the lock on it weaves in and out through the sides at the top of the bag and then snaps at the back. The problem with this is that you can’t get in the purse. It greatly limits the size. I tried to just remove it and was going to string a pretty scarf through it but those snaps are very good and the part that holds the lock isn’t going anywhere! I just unsnapped the back and left if, unsnapped, and sitting loosley at the side. It looks fine and you won’t believe how much more space you get now! It’s clearly not leather but it looks like a good quality vinyl that looks like leather. I hope I’m making sense. I think it’s well worth the money and I plan on getting another. If you like a big purse but not an overnight bag then this is for you. I hate the word classy but it is actually very descriptive for this bag. Get it- if you don’t like it send it back. But you won’t!

Attractive Desktop Water Fountain

This is a very attractive water fountain. Looks just like it does in the picture. As other reviewers have mentioned, it is plastic, but it seems pretty sturdy to me. There are three tips I have to offer.1) I Installed a rotary switch, to allow me to turn the fountain on and off. I bought mne at a local hardware store for about a buck, but here is an example of what you might be able to use: http://www.amazon.com/Leviton-423-3-6A-125V-3A-125Vt-Feed-Thru/dp/B000FP8HV4/ref=sr_1_15?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1357310221&sr=1-152) The water has a tendency to flow only on the outside part of the lowest level. To get a more even flow down over the bottom level, start the pump, and once the water is going, simply wet the areas where you would like the water to flow by dipping your finger in the water and wetting the area you want to see the water flow.3) Some reviewers mentioned that the water splashes on one side. To help fix this you can simply slide the fountain further back in its position on the basin. Doing so leaves a bigger gap for the water to flow down and eliminates the splashing.Pro’s:AttractiveWell constructedrelatively inexpensiveCon’s:Pump is a little loudNeed to install a switch to better facilitate turning it on/offAll in all, I really like the product. A few simple steps can help improve the operation easily, it would just be better if it came out of the box with a switch already installed. Want some more info about this indoor type fountain? Click here to gather some!

Best New CornHole Set

I took a chance on buying this CornHole game since it looks relatively new to the market, but there were some innovative features that caught my eye. I have been playing CornHole for over 10 years so I have seen pretty much every type of game board out there, but I had yet to see one made from aluminum with this type of ‘MDF’ surface. The game comes in a professional looking carrying case and is very lightweight (about 25 pounds). Since I live in Ohio I have been taking it to Ohio State football tailgates and its perfect! The craftsmanship of the game boards looks great and the bags are really high quality. Now for the gameplay…The boards setup really easily (aluminum legs fold out and lock into place) and comes with basic instructions for the newbies. The boards provide the perfect amount of slide as they allow line drives to slide off the back, but lob shots wont slide off the front. The design of the boards is pretty basic, but they can easily be customized with stickers (NFL, NCAA etc). I bought a Buckeye decal from the college bookstore and placed one on each board. Overall very happy with my new CornHole set and would recommend this brand to any fellow tailgater.UPDATEIt seems a lot of people have found my original review helpful, so I wanted to give an update as to how my set is holding up. I have had the GoPong CornHole set for over a year now, and it has held up great. Entering the 2nd football season I have had this set, I can really appreciate its portability as I always laugh when I see other tailgaters struggling with their huge wooden sets. I did have one of the bags burst a few months back, but I emailed GoPong and they sent me a replacement, no questions asked. This is still the #1 CornHole set in my opinion and I look forward to enjoying it for years to come.

Waterproof, SUPER flexible, surprisingly bright, but can’t connect them end-to-end

We bought 5 of these to light up the inside of a canopy. One was bright enough, two made it great three was so bright we also bought a dimmer. having all 5 looks fantastic. We actually bought two dimmers so we can put one on the sign outside our booth, and have different intensities for each strip. They work great!They are actually pretty well built. There is a weak spot at the point where the wires go into the waterproofed section with the LED’s inside, and the brace they have there fell off as soon as it was bent a little bit. But it still feels really solid and I’m not worried about it coming apart.They are also SUPER SUPER flexible. I can fit right into the corner of the canopy and make a 90 degree turn with the radius about the same as a nickle. not a true “Corner” but that’s pretty close!Each LED gives off the same tone of light, I was worried about them looking different, but even across all 5 strands each light is the same color. Very consistent.My only real gripe with them is that the end is sealed. You cannot connect multiple strands end-to-end. I ended up building a “spider web” of wiring to get the lights where I needed them, and it worked out okay. But it would have been much easier if they could daisy chain together. (Although that would probably defeat the “waterproof” so maybe that’s why it was done that way?)I used a portable car starter with a “cigarette lighter” plug to power them, it’s rated at 400 watts, but even with 5 strings we don’t reach 125 watts. Battery lasts 7 1/2 hours or so before lights get noticeably Dimmer, so they aren’t pulling more wattage than they specify.

Great little radio/alarm clock!

This is my third attempt at a projection alarm clock…My last two worked about a year and died! I found things that I didn’t like with both of them, and was thrilled when I found this clock. It seems to have fixed the issues I had with my last two. For instance, the blue light on my last clock was WAY WAY too bright for sleeping! This clock you can dim the light, or set it to do it on its own, how great! Then another problem I had in the past was that when you projected the light onto the ceiling, it would be upside down, so I had to turn the clock around backwards…well then you couldn’t ever read the face of the clock! This on has a button that flips the projection 180 degrees! Wahlah, fixed that problem too!So to sum it up, the face light is adjustable, so no annoying bright light! No more having to jimmy rig the clock and turning it backwards to get the projection to read right side up! I LOVE having the temperature display as well! It is a great feature and seems to read accurate! I also love that it has a radio and DUAL alarms! It was very easy to set by using the instructions. Radio sound is good, for a clock, and has digital channel display as well, BONUS! Lets see, what else do I love about this clock…oh yes, it self sets after power goes out and daylight savings time will never be easier that on this clock, it was a push of 1 button to set it! How great is that! Anyway, as you can tell I really like this clock, my only concen is history repeating itself and it only lasting a year, but time will tell! Oh, and for the money, I think if it only did last a year, I would probably go and purchase the same clock again and again because I LOVE all the features that much!