The Nokia 3310 of messenger bags!

I bought this bag when I was a junior in high school and now I’m completing my junior year in college and I’m still using it. In engineering, the simplest design is almost always the best, and this bag lives up to that. It’s big. It’s sturdy. It’s simple. It carries a ton of stuff. Great for school, work, walking around town, and carry-on luggage. I can easily carry a 15″ laptop with a couple of textbooks and notebooks. Carries more pens and pencils than you can use in a semester. The two cup holders are massive and are also good for carrying your laptop charger if you have a long cable. If you are interested you can Click Here for some more information on this shoulder bag.Although I’m sure this bag would last another 4 to 6 years I’m going to buy another because I wrote all over this one. But despite a few frayed edges, and some worn out seams, it’s still going strong. I recommend lightly washing it every month or two because they get dingy and dusty. Also if keeping it closed tight is an important thing for you, invest in some more velcro patches or sewing a couple of snaps on the cover to keep it shut. Not a big deal to me but some of the other reviews express this concern. This store is also an amazing store if you are looking to pick one of these up!PS: The color will fade but it takes a long time of abuse. It kinda looks nice and distressed now. 🙂

Perfect binoculars for back row of auditorium

Talk about a revelation: Why did nobody tell us how much a pair of good binoculars can enhance your enjoyement of concerts and shows? My wife and I warmly recommend these Bushnell 8x21s for such events. You can save money by buying cheap seats in the nosebleed section, because for approx. $20 from this site these binocs give you an amazing close-up view. After carefully reading the online reviews of these and the Bushnell 12x25s, I couldn’t decide which would be better for a recent trip to New York, and ended up buying both. My wife and I tried each and agreed these smaller, lighter ones were absolutely perfect for the back row of Carnegie Hall and a Broadway show. The 12x25s have better magnification, but your natural hand/arm shaking is also magnified. Since one can’t easily take a tripod into Broadway theaters and such, the lightweight 8x21s are therefore ideal. The perfect compromise between weight and adequate magnification. We liked the handy carrying case and weren’t concerned, as others were here, about the thinness of the cord. The overall quality is amazing for such a cheap pair of binocs. We will never go to another concert or play without them. Highly recommended. If you are like me and like to read up a lot about a item before you purchase it I would recommend checking out this post. It is highly detailed and has all of the information you could ever want on these binoculars and a few other pairs.

Enjoying eating dinner outside now with this chair

I bought this from this website since it was cheaper and had free shipping. It was my WAY to get it and a FAIR price, hope that lets you know where I bought it.I bought the Desert Clay and I am glad I picked that color. The box did not have any damage but the furniture inside had a lot of black oil/grease marks. I tried to clean them off but not all of them came off. I think it was from being on the production line. I would avoid ordering the white just in case it shows up more.All you do it unfold this set and you are ready! It is so easy! I placed it on my back patio and it looks good. It feels a bit cheap but when you sit in it, the chairs are stable and the table does not wobble. My two year old daughter is able to get up on the chair and we have been eating dinner on the patio the last few nights. It is bigger than a bistro set; I think they refer to it as a café set.It is perfect if you want something safe for toddlers. Also, it is light enough that if a storm is coming in, I can fold up the table, two chairs, and carry all three in at one time. You can find more out about this by Clicking Here.So far I have really enjoyed this set and think when it cools down for the fall I will enjoy having a cup of tea and reading a book outside. I plan to get an umbrella for it and possibly an additional chair in case family or a friend stops by and wants to join us for dinner.For the price, you can’t go wrong. I have had chairs on my patio before but never a table so I am really enjoying it. Nice way to have dinner or a late dessert.

Sturdy Stand for a 42″ TV

I bought this after reading all the reviews, and for the price that I paid, it’s a great product and beats everything they sell at Walmart. Yes it doesn’t have an extended bracket for your TV to be mounted on, so what? I love to have a proper stand for my TV and it works well. The wooden planks are solid and tough, they are really heavy so you’d need a dolly to move the boxes. But once everything is out, it’s easy as following the steps to install the whole thing. It didn’t take me longer than an hour to assemble the whole thing alone as the instructions are well laid out and once it’s done it looks classy and very sturdy! I put my 42″ Plasma on it, my PlayStation, my wife’s Wii and the Wii Board at the bottom, and some games. I don’t have an extensive amount of home-theater system so I’ve got enough room for what I need. Incase you are like me and like reading up a lot on something before you buy it, I would recommend Clicking Here, it will link you to a site with a huge amount of information on this tv stand.For all that you’re getting and at this price, it’s really hard to beat. I highly recommend it for 1-2 room apartment.Update 6/28/12:- I love this stand so much that I got the second one. Also I would recommend checking out this online store if you are looking to buy one.

A Guide to Saving On Your Small Business Inventory

Starting a small business can be difficult on its own. To make the initial challenge pay off, it’s important not to let inventory costs sink the venture. Inventory management can be a chore, but if you focus on tracking what does and doesn’t sell, automate all or part of your stock tracking, and negotiate everything to find discounts, this chore won’t become a headache.

Track Successes and Failures

A common issue small business owners run into is tracking the success (or lack thereof) they have selling certain items. Pre-startup market research and a solid feedback venue for customers allow for an owner to stay on top of their clients’ desires. If these are accomplished early on and periodically reviewed, you will find that you rarely have issues with excess or dated stock, and your sales will boom because clients will know you have their most demanded items when they need them.

Automation: Simplicity Meets Affordability

Barcodes are primarily thought of as an easy way to ring items out at a register. However, they work wonders for inventory management as well. Magazines, blogs and testimonials are rife with the stories of entrepreneurs who move from clumsy paper or Excel tracking systems to barcode-based inventory control software and are simply awed by the results. On the surface, it seems like a cold, labor-cutting move, but you will be amazed at how much you save once your employees are doing useful work uninterrupted by the tedious need to open up and modify a spreadsheet for every sale. Automated control systems will also drastically reduce mistakes like miscounts of stock and bad orders.

Negotiate: Always Get a Deal

General merchandising wholesale distributors are always looking for new clients, and many times will offer a host of different inventory discounts for fresh customers. When you’re buying your inventory, keep that in mind as you browse distributors. You can save money as a new client, for buying in bulk, for shipping on certain days, or even for passing word of their magnanimity on. Take advantage of their competition for your business early and often.

There is no shortage of techniques to save money on inventory. It simply requires a willingness to do research and adapt on the fly. Raise your bottom line, increase productivity,and enjoy your success simply by following these three steps. For further information contact one of the General Merchandise Wholesale Distributors.

Great Pair Of Running Shoes For Men and or Women

I’m a solid guy in my 40’s who’s generally athletic – but I have high arches, a wide forefoot, and wear a small sized running shoe. I am not one of those effortless, injury-free runners. I land on the outside of my foot as I run and my feet and lower legs take a beating as I pick up speed and mileage. So my running career has often been a start and stop affair. I’ve purchased New Balance running shoes for the last few years, particularly since they routinely offer more width options. These were okay, but as I started back into running this spring I was looking for another option. (I had followed the recommendations at our local go-to running store, but I think they default to New Balance for wide feet.) After a good amount of research I bought the Nimbus 15 through my go to online store and it has been the best running shoe I’ve ever worn – by far. I’d never run in Asics before although I’ve tried many other brands in the past: Nike, NB, Saucony, Brooks, Adidas… The difference for me was immediate and striking. For underpronators (supinators) with high arches the cushioning in this shoe is ideal, yet responsive.I ordered my normal size in 4E, largest width. Surprisingly, the shoes felt a little loose, so I ordered another pair a half size smaller with the same width. I ended up keeping both pairs and use the smaller size only for running and the half size larger pair for more casual activities. If my information is not enough for you, you can read more info about these shoes by Clicking Here.I guess the price for the Nimbus could be considered steep, but if I can get in a few more runs each month without pain then it is easily worth it for me. My only complaint would be that Asics only offers one of the Nimbus color schemes in the wider options. I even ordered last year’s model, the Nimbus 14, as an alternative style, but those shoes don’t have the same outside forefoot cushioning for road running.