About Trinary Product’sNew Invention

Check it out, these guys have built the most unique device I have ever seen! They call it a laser glove and it is freggin’ impressive. I’m talking about 10 super bright lasers at your very fingertips. These things are flying around so fast they make my dog run around in circles! The uses are endless.It’s absolutely mind blowing, let me tell you.

The gloves look like some kind of hyper-advanced sci-fi space ship control. The lasers come out of this crazy mesh cylinder, and the wires snake in and out of the glove like they’re attached to some kind of robot hand. I brought out that the plugin makernow suggests that you don’t do some of the burning with it that he originallyset it up with. Even without the lasers on, these have to be hands down the coolest gloves I’ve ever put on.

Alright, the bridge mount glue has dried overnight and it’s time to put it all together! My daughter was quite curious as to what those gears do. She was delighted to find she could move the gloves and the laser head by spinning the ‘baby’ gears. Not only that but the baby gear also spins the daddy gear. For those not in the know, that is the smaller gear spins the larger gear, not unlike reality.

Once you do turn them on you own your own swarm of wacky fireflies. I call them my little pet dots, and they follow me all night long. You have to throttle the amount of lasers per night no matter what drugs you may be on that night, with or without any friends. It is truly an amazing sight to behold. Fast or slow your dots go for hours without ever missing a beat. You’ll never get that kind of play out of one of those dusty old laser projectors, I guarantee it.

So get yourself a set..or don’t. I don’t care. But seriously, do go get your set. I have mine and I’m loving it!