Barefoot in Town with the Merrell Edge Glove

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There is no doubt that running barefoot can help improve form. Posture, reduce stress and injuries on the legs, and promote health in the runner for long term, not just while they run. It made sense then, that Merrell, one of the best makers of barefoot shoes available, made a barefoot shoe designed to blend in with your non-running world. The design can still be used for running, walking, and exercise, but also works great with your favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt. It is called the Merrell Edge Glove bracken, and is made with a suede up and sneaker lace up system to blend well on the sidewalk while still giving you that barefoot feel. Now, with the Edge glove, you can receive the benefits of barefoot walking in a glove-like sneaker. The 0mm ball to heel drop on this Merrell Glove will help you strike with your forefoot, enabling a walk that is more natural and creates less shock that can reverberate up the leg and cause potential long term damage or harm. The Merrell Edge Glove brown also includes a 1mm forefoot shock plate to help with this – it works to evenly displace the pressure of hitting your foot on hard ground so the effects are lessened on your body. The shoe also features 4mm of cushion underfoot to help absorb shock as you walk on hard surfaces. Find the Edge Glove at the best independent shoe stores in your area and get the benefits of going barefoot in everyday life.