Can A School Use an Outdoor TV?

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While working for a school district in southern California I was given charge to do a cross-check on a thorough accounting of both sports equipment, and outdoor playground equipment. It was an easy task that required time in the field going from school to school. We were working on our budget and strangely had a windfall from the previous year, so the school district wanted to see if there was anything that needed to be replaced or fixed.

As I traveled for those 2 weeks I came across an advertisement from an outdoor TV manufacturer in South Carolina while eating lunch at a Mexican restaurant as I surfed my computer. I once put a patio TV outside and it got ruined quickly, so I wondered what an outdoor TV was and why it was different. I typed in “outdoor TV” in my search bar and hundreds of pages of information came up. I started at the top and read from a few manufacturers about their products. Plus I read some customer reviews. By the time I had finished my lunch I was convinced that our school district could use some of the extra money to purchase them for outdoor educational- and fun use.

I contacted the manufacturer I was interested in and they actually provided a lot of information, even sending a unit for us to look at and use for a couple of days. We were excited, and the kids were ecstatic. Not only do they get outside more to enjoy the California sun, but they are learning on outdoor televisions now when they get restless sitting inside.