Enjoying eating dinner outside now with this chair

I bought this from this website since it was cheaper and had free shipping. It was my WAY to get it and a FAIR price, hope that lets you know where I bought it.I bought the Desert Clay and I am glad I picked that color. The box did not have any damage but the furniture inside had a lot of black oil/grease marks. I tried to clean them off but not all of them came off. I think it was from being on the production line. I would avoid ordering the white just in case it shows up more.All you do it unfold this set and you are ready! It is so easy! I placed it on my back patio and it looks good. It feels a bit cheap but when you sit in it, the chairs are stable and the table does not wobble. My two year old daughter is able to get up on the chair and we have been eating dinner on the patio the last few nights. It is bigger than a bistro set; I think they refer to it as a café set.It is perfect if you want something safe for toddlers. Also, it is light enough that if a storm is coming in, I can fold up the table, two chairs, and carry all three in at one time. You can find more out about this by Clicking Here.So far I have really enjoyed this set and think when it cools down for the fall I will enjoy having a cup of tea and reading a book outside. I plan to get an umbrella for it and possibly an additional chair in case family or a friend stops by and wants to join us for dinner.For the price, you can’t go wrong. I have had chairs on my patio before but never a table so I am really enjoying it. Nice way to have dinner or a late dessert.