Many flocking to desert resort

When the rich and famous want to get away from it all (and they really mean from it all – cameras, fans, friends, the newspapers, their agents) they generally look for a secluded spot that has a reputation for privacy and confidentiality. One of those that you often hear mentioned as a favorite destination is beautiful little ranch in New Mexico. And while discretion will keep the exact name of the hideaway in the desert between this writer and the stars that flock there, let’s just say that if you’re looking for Painted Ponies, this is the place.

The 80 acre resort is located high in the desert of southern New Mexico in Hidalgo county. This part of the country is also known as the boot heel of New Mexico. Here you will find beautiful mountain ranges separated by broad flat valleys that seem to stretch on into the desert forever. At an elevation of 4000 feet, this mountain resort can literally take your breath away as you soak in all of the alluring colors of the surrounding mountains and desert.

The amenities at this former home of a somewhat well-off business executive are also ideally suited to the luxury accommodations that their celebrity guests are used to. The swimming pool is geothermal and solar heated making for a comfortable swim day or night and year round. There are two main houses on the resort with six additional guest houses on the premises that could rival anyone’s primary home. The dining room is the envy of any celebrity chef, many of whom often come to do “guest work” in the kitchen for guests requiring their own cuisine to go along with their vacation in the desert.