New Trends: Thrift Fashion

There is a new trend that is on the rise here in the United States. It’s called thrift fashion. The trend has sprung from the rise in people purchasing there clothing from thrift stores. There are a couple of different ways that people are getting into thrift fashion. One way is to simply search for high end clothing at thrift stores and piece together an outfit that stands out. The other is to find articles of clothing an literally make something out of them. Re-sew articles of clothing, or sew on different accessories or items the thrifter likes.


As the economy fell many people resorted to selling many of their personal items including their high end clothing. On the other side, many people resorted to purchasing their high end clothing at thrift or consignment stores in order to save money. This sprung an increase in thrift stores seen across the United States.


There is another trend that helped to fuel this new thrift fashion movement. That is the green movement that we have all been watching over the last twenty to thirty years. One of the greenest ways for people to buy new clothing is to buy clothing that has already been used by someone else. This stops the clothing from being thrown away and it re-uses an item which is one of the best green tactics anyone can use.


With this thrift fashion movement, there is a thrift store fashion blog movement to coincide with it. If you search the web you will find some very interesting blogs that focus entirely on thrift fashion. These bloggers are showcasing themselves as well as other fashion thrifters with what they have found and the different ways that they were creative with what they’ve found. Smart consumers can really get some ideas from these bloggers.


At the end of the day, these fashion thrifters are being very smart consumers in getting the high end fashion that most people crave and saving a lot of money while doing it as well as working towards a green lifestyle whether intentionally or not with green fashion.