Perfect binoculars for back row of auditorium

Talk about a revelation: Why did nobody tell us how much a pair of good binoculars can enhance your enjoyement of concerts and shows? My wife and I warmly recommend these Bushnell 8x21s for such events. You can save money by buying cheap seats in the nosebleed section, because for approx. $20 from this site these binocs give you an amazing close-up view. After carefully reading the online reviews of these and the Bushnell 12x25s, I couldn’t decide which would be better for a recent trip to New York, and ended up buying both. My wife and I tried each and agreed these smaller, lighter ones were absolutely perfect for the back row of Carnegie Hall and a Broadway show. The 12x25s have better magnification, but your natural hand/arm shaking is also magnified. Since one can’t easily take a tripod into Broadway theaters and such, the lightweight 8x21s are therefore ideal. The perfect compromise between weight and adequate magnification. We liked the handy carrying case and weren’t concerned, as others were here, about the thinness of the cord. The overall quality is amazing for such a cheap pair of binocs. We will never go to another concert or play without them. Highly recommended. If you are like me and like to read up a lot about a item before you purchase it I would recommend checking out this post. It is highly detailed and has all of the information you could ever want on these binoculars and a few other pairs.