Sturdy Stand for a 42″ TV

I bought this after reading all the reviews, and for the price that I paid, it’s a great product and beats everything they sell at Walmart. Yes it doesn’t have an extended bracket for your TV to be mounted on, so what? I love to have a proper stand for my TV and it works well. The wooden planks are solid and tough, they are really heavy so you’d need a dolly to move the boxes. But once everything is out, it’s easy as following the steps to install the whole thing. It didn’t take me longer than an hour to assemble the whole thing alone as the instructions are well laid out and once it’s done it looks classy and very sturdy! I put my 42″ Plasma on it, my PlayStation, my wife’s Wii and the Wii Board at the bottom, and some games. I don’t have an extensive amount of home-theater system so I’ve got enough room for what I need. Incase you are like me and like reading up a lot on something before you buy it, I would recommend Clicking Here, it will link you to a site with a huge amount of information on this tv stand.For all that you’re getting and at this price, it’s really hard to beat. I highly recommend it for 1-2 room apartment.Update 6/28/12:- I love this stand so much that I got the second one. Also I would recommend checking out this online store if you are looking to buy one.