The Nokia 3310 of messenger bags!

I bought this bag when I was a junior in high school and now I’m completing my junior year in college and I’m still using it. In engineering, the simplest design is almost always the best, and this bag lives up to that. It’s big. It’s sturdy. It’s simple. It carries a ton of stuff. Great for school, work, walking around town, and carry-on luggage. I can easily carry a 15″ laptop with a couple of textbooks and notebooks. Carries more pens and pencils than you can use in a semester. The two cup holders are massive and are also good for carrying your laptop charger if you have a long cable. If you are interested you can Click Here for some more information on this shoulder bag.Although I’m sure this bag would last another 4 to 6 years I’m going to buy another because I wrote all over this one. But despite a few frayed edges, and some worn out seams, it’s still going strong. I recommend lightly washing it every month or two because they get dingy and dusty. Also if keeping it closed tight is an important thing for you, invest in some more velcro patches or sewing a couple of snaps on the cover to keep it shut. Not a big deal to me but some of the other reviews express this concern. This store is also an amazing store if you are looking to pick one of these up!PS: The color will fade but it takes a long time of abuse. It kinda looks nice and distressed now. 🙂